Cédric Hénaux – Iron Man Triathlete

After an Ironman distance race in July 2009, I discovered the Pose method through an article in a triathlon magazine which led me to read the famous book “Born To Run”. The running leg of the triathlon had been a disaster and I thought I had to change my running style to make a difference in the future. I initially thought I would achieve the new running style on my own, thinking I had a good perception in general (namely through swimming and Judo). I struggled for 2 months reading the book and watching the DVD without ‘getting it’ although the principles are quite simple.

I have been learning from Naeem since July 2009, first in email correspondence for shoe advice and then at one of Lee Saxbys clinics where Naeem was an assisting coach at the clinic.  This clinic taught me to have a good posture mainly but my legs were not getting it yet.  That’s why I persevered running 3 miles a day without focusing on technique (although I did try some of the drills from the DVD) and injured my second metatarsal (stress fracture).

This led me to contacting Naeem to have a one-to-one session which progressed to having a number of one-to-one sessions.   In these sessions we went through a few things:

  • Introduction to Pose Running (including drills and jumping)
  • Introduction to Parkour and MovNat inspired training
  • Use of elasticity
  • Hips strenghtening
  • Use of Coriolis force when pulling
  • Reenforce the diagonal balance between the legs and upper body (going up and down the stairs on all four for example, catwalking on handrails)
  • Identifying any flaw in balance (figuring out if I was using more my left or right leg with the plank on the cyllinder, same for the arms)

This has had a great result on my body and general well-being.  It was a feeling of re-discovering my body.  Shortly after Pose running I learnt Pose cycling and then Pose swimming.  There was a certain learning period on the bike, but I thought pose cycling was easier to implement than pose running.  I finally understood that I had to put my saddle completely forward and focus the bodyweight on the pedals.  I thought it was easiest to implement Pose swimming as swimming is what I do best (been competing when younger).  These 3 methods incredibly improved my results when racing in triathlons. In the past I used to go running, swimming and cycling at least twice a week for each of the disciplines and struggled my way to the end on race day.  Now I don’t train as much before a race because I know that by using elasticity I can perform as well and without suffering as much.

For example in June this year I completed Ironman 70.3 UK in Exmoore known as one of the toughest half-Ironmans in 6 hours 55 without much training and felt great.

It was through Naeem that I first heard about MovNat.  I immediately looked for it on the web and was fascinated.  That’s exactly what I was looking for through Pose with Naeem, a holistic method that develops the whole body in a natural way. So through Naeems teaching I naturally embraced the Movnat philosophy.

The MovNat Fundamentals course in Edinburgh, December 2010 was a great experience, confirming what I’ve learnt from Naeem and progressing to new levels by training directly with Erwan LeCorre.  I hopefully will  participate in the MovNat expansion course next year or in 2012.  I might as well wait for the certification workshop as I would like to coach in the future.  This is how much MovNat influenced me along with personal convictions!”