I’ve met many coaches across UK running clubs who offer advise that does not agree with simple laws of physics.  In this respect Huw is leaps and bounds beyond any other non-POSE coach I’ve met in the UK.  Huw has worked at the very top level in triathlon and was involved at that level when Dr. Romanov was drafted in to work with our top athletes here in the UK.  He was impressed with Dr. Romanov at the time but now feels some people are taking the POSE method too far and are becoming blinkard to other information.  What he feels he now has is a synthesis of the best information out there on running technique…

I was instantly impressed with Huw’s ‘feeling’ approach.  For this masterclass Huw focussed primarily on the 5th and 6th stages of movement development:

Image adapted from Thomas Myers – Anatomy Trains*

Comparing our respective approaches to teaching movement I believe Huw and I have more in common than we have differences. Differences are a little around the need for more instruction to clients on what to feel or look out for.  For example I loved Huw’s feeling element but would have liked to see more emphasis on posture.  BareFoot Ted corrected peoples posture immediately.  For me posture (POSE) is number 1 and from that comes the right movement and feeling.  I differ also on some of the advise on how to improve strength for running, e.g. for me calf raises are functionally wrong.  I believe it’s more about developing muscle/tendon elasticity, not muscle building in a way that does the opposite and weighs more.

Overall though an incredible guy with a wealth of knowledge.  Huw also has personal experience in running with the Tarahumara!  In my view his greatest skill was his eye for spotting errors in movement and identifying breaks in chains, he helped me correct my own hip position in relation to my leg and feet while doing some of the exercises he prescribed.  I definitely improved my perception having had the session with Huw.

*Thomas Myers – Anatomy Trains is a useful book that explores the concept of ‘one system’ however gravity is not correctly considered and there is a misunderstanding of running biomechanics, for example talk of ‘push off’ and diagrams that clearly misunderstand simple engineering and true muscle function: