The Running Engineer.


“The foundation of performance is health, and the foundation of movement health is foot function.” – Lee Saxby

Naeem Akram (Eng.D.) first trained and certified with Lee Saxby in 2008.

Naeem’s coaching services start by checking a persons footprint. Email naeem@runningengineer.com to arrange your foot print check.


Naeem has been coaching since 2007 to help people overcome injury and improve health for increased performance.

  • Functional Foot Map Practitioner Certified by Lee Saxby, Portugal – 2019
  • Born To Run Health & Performance Coach Certified by Lee Saxby, UK‎ – 2016
  • Born To Run Coach and Master Coach Team Member Certified by Lee Saxby, Czech Republic‎ – 2015
  • Trigger Point Therapy Practitioner Trained by Jonathan Lewis, the UK’s first Trigger Point Master Trainer, UK – 2012
  • VIVOBAREFOOT Running Technique Coach Certified by Lee Saxby and Professor Daniel Lieberman, UK – 2011
  • POSE Method Level 3 Running Technique, Training & Therapy Specialist, Certified by Dr. Romanov, UK – 2011
  • Procter & Gamble Global Vibrant Living Running Coach, UK – 2009
  • POSE Method Level 2 Running Technique and Training Coach Certified by Dr. Romanov, Germany – 2009
  • POSE Method Level 1 Running Technique Coach Certified by Lee Saxby, UK – 2008
  • Procter & Gamble Global Corporate Athlete Trainer, UK – 2007