The Running Engineer.

Naeem Profile

Dr. Naeem Akram (Eng.D.) first trained and certified with Lee Saxby in 2008, this experience was an awakening, it was the start of a journey in gravity based movement coaching and a change in life purpose.  Since then Naeem has worked together with hundreds of walkers and runners to overcome their stubborn injuries and increase their performance.

Naeem’s consultation and coaching aims to unwind any damage done and help people regain a natural range of joint movement with elasticity. This is done by training proprioception (not muscles), and re-programing motor engrams for more appropriate and less injurious movement.  In this effort Naeem uses technology such as the plantar pressure plate and slow motion video analysis together with tools such as the treadmill and anatomically intelligent footwear to help clients achieve their walking and running goals.

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Naeem has been coaching since 2007 to help people overcome injury and improve health for increased performance.

  • BTR Health & Performance Coach Certified by Lee Saxby, UK‎ – 2016
  • BTR Coach and Master Coach Team Member Certified by Lee Saxby, Czech Republic‎ – 2015
  • TPT practitioner trained by Jonathan Lewis, the UK’s first Trigger Point Master Trainer, UK – 2012
  • VIVOBAREFOOT Running Technique Coach Certified by Lee Saxby and Professor Daniel Lieberman, UK – 2011
  • POSE Method Level 3 Running Technique, Training & Therapy Specialist, Certified by Dr. Romanov, UK – 2011
  • Procter & Gamble Global Vibrant Living Running Coach, UK – 2009
  • POSE Method Level 2 Running Technique and Training Coach Certified by Dr. Romanov, Germany – 2009
  • POSE Method Level 1 Running Technique Coach Certified by Lee Saxby, UK – 2008
  • Procter & Gamble Global Corporate Athlete Trainer, UK – 2007