How Naeem can help you

  • Do you experience pain in your legs, hip, or back during or after a walk or run?
  • Have you suffered from a running related injury or surgery and want to rehabilitate?
  • Would you like to rid yourself of orthotics, cure plantar fasciitis or address the root cause of other walking and running related injuries?

Naeem will share information and train with you to be able to walk and run efficiently and without pain.

Enjoy running an occasional few miles, a marathon, or an ultra marathon with increased performance and minimal risk of injury.

Book a course and Naeem will work with you to design a tailored program that will make you a better runner.

Coaching is at the Running Engineer Clinic in Madeira Island, Portugal.

Dr. Naeem Akram, The Running Engineer

Naeem Akram (Eng.D.) has been coaching running technique across the globe since 2008.

Following an engineering approach to movement Naeem has helped hundreds of walkers and runners overcome injury and increase their performance, with or without shoes.

Get in touch with Naeem to learn how to move in a way that eliminates pain and that provides a progressively resilient and elastic feeling versus feeling sore and stiff following a walk or run.